Fleet Manager


The Fleet Manager is responsible for planning, directing, managing, coordinating and supervising the programs for acquisition, assignment, utilization, maintenance, and repair of fleet vehicles. Fleet manager also serves as the primary contact concerning the vehicle fleet.


  • Fleet age evaluation. (Help determine vehicle lifespan and replacement)
  • Manage work order tickets on Trello board.
  • Manage fleet documentation. (Registration, DOT Inspections, Material/Tool/Part Receipts, Manuals, Etc.
  • Uphold high standards in the mechanic shop.
  • Schedule maintenance.
  • All responsibilities of a mechanic.
  • Repair vehicles to keep field employees efficiently operating.
  • Emergency vehicle/equipment repairs.
  • Keeping the mechanic shop clean and organized.
Benefits Available after 90 days Full Time Employment (Thorough explanations in Employee Handbook)
  • Retirement = 401K (matched %)
  • Health Benefit = Monthly stipend
  • Quarterly Tool Bonus
  • PTO for Paid Holidays 
  • Supplemental Insurance Contribution
  • Generous paid time off included and negotiable.

Out of Town Benefits  

  • Out of Town Pay Increase (Per bid)
  • Per Diem 
  • Meals
  • Lodging
  • Drive time included (Per bid)

Storm Work

Hourly rate X1.5/HR
Sundays and Holidays are X2/HR
Lodging covered.
3 $15 Meals (Paid as a Per Diem on Paycheck)

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