Meet Our Team

96 Years of combined experience and counting.

Company Culture

At Jolma Utilities, every single person on our team is beneficial to our daily operations. We are equals. In our roles and in our lives. We believe at Jolma Utilities that if one link is missing from our team, we all fail. 

Jolma Utilities provides the opportunity for anyone on our team to meet their goals if they are willing to uphold the positive attitude and no quit mindset our business model exudes.  Honesty, direct communication, and hardworking attitudes are direct aspects of our success.

Quality Unsurpassed

 Jolma Utilities backs down from no challenge or job. We hold ourselves to high standards and strive to provide excellent, cost-effective services. Whether our team is working long days, long weeks, or spending time away from family on the road, our consistency and high standards never waiver.

Our team is what makes Jolma Utilities one of premier Electric Utility Contractors in the country.

Our Past & Future

Jolma Utilities comes from many years of experience, starting as a subsidiary of Jolma Electric. Jolma Electric was established in 1985 by Keith Jolma. Keith grew the company and reputation to be the primary electrical contractor serving Northern, WI. The company was then purchased by Jeff Jolma in 2016. The electric utility and fiber division was then added and is led by Ryan Jolma.

Ryan brings on over 15 years of hands-on electric utility construction and maintenance to our customers. Ryan has worked with some of the largest Utilities in the Midwest and looks forward to bringing that experience and dedication to our customers.

Safety is Paramount to Success

Employee Safety Certificate Programs Offered-
-First Aid/CPR and AED
-Pole Top Rescue
-Bucket Truck Rescue
-Rubber Glove/Hot Work Training
-Arc Flash
-Confined Space
-Qualified Electrical Worker
-Aerial Equipment
-Hot Work Certified
-Hot Stick Safety
-Qualified Commercial Driver
-Primary Metering
-Switching Operations
-Copper Terminations
-TE Connections Terminations
-3M Terminations

Verified EMR Ratings-
2018- .87
2019- .88
2020- .88
2021- .85
2022- .88
2023- 1.0

We Are a Privately Owned, Family Run Company. Our Core Values Start with Family and End with You.

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